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tips on choosing your Elvis inpersonator


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Tips on Choosing Your "Elvis"


Tips on Choosing Your Elvis Inpersonator

The "Elvis" you choose can make or break your event.
Be informed and choose carefully!

Look for QUALITY and SERVICE from the first contact.
Look for a true entertainer and performer.
Fun and exciting.
Outgoing, friendly personality.
Professional, full-time.
Really cares about each event -- not burned out.
Experienced at events similar to yours.
Good reputation.
Keeps confirmed bookings -- does not cancel for "bigger" jobs.
Willing to give you a written contract assuring you will get the exact entertainer you think you are booking.
Competitive prices.
Provides "extras" in the price (scarf, picture, etc.).
Good equipment.
Reliable transportation.
Customized events.
Live vocals.
Good song selection -- not just a couple of songs to pick from.
Quality costumes -- authentic copies.
Real hair, real sideburns.
Height same as Elvis.
Weight same as Elvis.
Good look.
Similar body shape.
When you are looking at a website, how many pictures of the impersonator do you see (one or two?), or do you see enough to really feel you have seen who you are booking.
How recent are the pictures?
Look for someone who gives you good reasons to hire him and does not resort to telling you lies about others as the only means of getting the job for himself.
If someone claims they are currently working for a well-known production show in town, call that show and get a reference on them. This may surprise you.



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