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The Californian

“His jumpsuits are the best, he’s the best with people, and he sounds just like him.”
Modern Maturity Magazine

“…eerily early Vegas Elvis…”
Los Angeles Times

“…remarkable physical resemblance…”
The Star

“…has Elvis down to the wiggle”
San Diego Tribune

“Elvis comes to life in Powers’ act.”
The Star

“…women scream continuously…”
The Reader

“…the resemblance is pretty impressive”
San Diego Tribune

“…drawing moans of approval from the females”
San Diego Tribune

“He was so personable and made everyone feel truly special. He had the ladies purring and the men singing. This man truly knows how to show everyone a great time. Mr. Powers is one of the most handsome Elvi I have ever seen and has the capacity to pull off ‘ELVIS’ with style and ease. The voice, the movements, everything about this man, would truly make you feel as if you were in the “king’s” presence.”
Julie Crozier
Overnight Transportation
N. Las Vegas, Nevada

“Eddie is a very talented entertainer, who not only portrays Elvis with class and style, but envelops the audience in his obvious delight and exuberance for what he is doing.”
Anna Stoker
Greystone Homes
Las Vegas, Nevada

“He presents a very professional image, has great stage presence and personal warmth that permeates the room. He is accessible, good humored, and fun!”
Patricia Ruhlman, J.D.
Las Vegas, Nevada

“The “Elvis style” warmth, personality, and singing ability you display gave us a great deal of satisfaction.
Richard L. Weiner
Germain Packaging
San Diego, California

“What can I possibly say that hasn’t already been said about you! People are still talking today about how much fun they had at our “Casino Night” and watching you perform. Thank-you so much for being consistently wonderful!!”
Mattie Battista
San Diego, California

“If you are considering having ELVIS at your event, let me encourage you to engage Eddie Powers. He is marvelous, a real professional, and a pleasure to deal with. See ELVIS one more time through the looks and sounds of Eddie Powers.”
Rebecca Anderson

“He exceeded all expectations. He was the most friendly, kind, patient, and warm Elvis anyone could ask for. He made the day! My family is still talking about it and I will never forget my sisters waiting to get his autograph!”
Pam and Dan Frei
Las Vegas, Nevada

“May you always possess such enthusiasm for your work. We found you genuinely kind, gracious and charming.”
Marina and Peter Anagnostakos
Medicine Hat, England

“Everything was perfect.”
Diana and Tom Kelly
Highland, California

“…you truly are a great talent and entertainer. You are unforgettable!”
Merry Ressler
Stillwater, Minnesota

“Our guests are still telling us that it was the most fun wedding they have ever attended. ‘Elvis’ was a hit! We had many compliments on your mannerisms, singing voice, and looks. Everyone was thrilled you could be there. We couldn’t have had a better reception.”
Linda Talbert-Lubash
Long Beach, California

“I can’t imagine anyone ever getting married in Las Vegas and not inviting the fantastic and beautiful Eddie Powers. P.S. I think my Mum wants to adopt you.”
Joanne and Mike Andrews
Cheshire, England

“We all thought that you were absolutely great and could have been the real thing.”
Carol and Mick Vale
E. Sussex, England

“The service that you gave was fantastic. All my guests thought you were wonderful!”
Patty and Michael Cobb
Amityvill, New York

“You were SO good, and I had a blast!”
Alison and Kevin Gillis
Higley, Arizona

“…everyone was singing and dancing. It was such a good day.”
Neil and Joanne Kershaw
West Yorkshire, England

“You do a great job and make a lot of people happy in your work as Elvis! You really bring a lot of joy into peoples lives.”
Nancy and Dale Norton
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Thank you for a Brilliant Day. I’m a believer.”
Rod Templeton

“…you were the one who made that day the most wonderful one in our lives.”
Ursula and Garkus

“Eddie not only looks and sounds like ELVIS, but he has the same sweet country boy personality and charm. There is no doubt that he is as good as gold through and through.”
Rebecca Anderson
Mother of the Bride

“Our profound appreciation for the magic you wove– we will never forget our special night.”

“What a Great looking Elvis.”
Cathy and Larry Smith
Black Canyon City, Arizona

“It was fantastic. Thank you very much.”
Petra and Rolf

“Thank you so much for making my parents’ anniversary so incredibly wonderful!”
Michele Stebbens
West Hartford, Connecticut

“Your performance was brilliant! We love you as ‘Elvis’!”
Grace and Willson Yu
Milpitas, California

“Elvis does live.”
Kathleen Powers
Vista, California

“We loved your singing.”
Mike and Debbie Colville
Dayton, Ohio

“Thanks so much for keeping Elvis alive and well and in my life.”

“Thank you so much for being the most handsome, most charming, most perfect Elvis anyone could ever want to have at their wedding. And thank you for singing so beautifully.”
Pam and Dan Frei
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Your performance was fantastic, way beyond our expectations, making our wedding a truly memorable occasion.”
Greg and Cyndy Turner
Main Beach, Australia

“Just a note to thank you once again for your wonderful Elvis performance. You truly made the party a success and Lee’s birthday a remembrance.”
Allina Harris
San Diego, California

“Elvis’ arrival that night was an exhilarating affair, and one to be remembered by all present. Your show was dynamic. You delivered a wedding memory that will live eternally.”
Michael R. Falkowtiz
Wayne, New Jersey

“You sure made our wedding special! You were as popular as the bride! Sincerely, you are very talented and you made our night. Thank you for the awesome performance. You are a class act!!”
John and Gittle Wilson
Las Vegas, Nevada

“We are 1,000,000% satisfied and grateful.”
Captain and Mrs. Jon T. Sexton

“Did we have a good time, or what? Thank you so much for your wonderful performance.”
Jill and Mike Cunningham
Seattle, Washington

“Thank you for making ours ‘The Best Wedding Possible.’ Your voice is incredible! I think you are better than the original Elvis.”
Dana and Terry Ebaugh
Fairfax, Virginia

“Thank you so much for fulfilling our dream. Everybody who sees our wedding video agrees that your performance is stellar. Viva Las Vegas!”
Alex and Alison Kisselgof
Wellesley, Massachusett